Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Illustrator News: David Michael Beck's Work now at Miller Gallery in Hyde Park

 David Michael Beck will now have his work at Miller Gallery. We will keep our eyes peeled for upcoming show dates. He says to be sure to check out the Gary Kelley show opening May 18th.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Christina!
    Gary Kelley had a show there about a year ago — excellent work and very well-attended. I'll try to make this one as well.

    Congrats to David. The work looks Fantastic!
    For those who don't know, David was one of the artists who started the Wednesday Lunches —along with Chris Payne and John Maggard (I hope I'm not leaving anyone else out.)

    (We need to post the bio of Illustrator Lunch somewhere.)

  2. This is awesome. The Miller Gallery is a great place for illustratours. Geddes was there and Chuck is right about Gary Kelley. I walk in there and sometimes attend the demos that artists put on at the gallery. Jonathon Queen is there frequently. There are many fine artists who share their techniques. I highly recommend the place! I will definitely be stopping in there, soon!

    Maybe we should arrange a lunch at Arthur's so we can all go and see this (those who can) afterward?

  3. Glad you mentioned Jonathan Queen. He was showing the same evening as Kelley (if memory serves), and he never disappoints. Unlike Gary Kelley, Jonathan is local and occasionally offers classes at Manifest.

  4. We're at Arthur's in two weeks, the 14th if that will work.

  5. Sweet, Jerry :) I usually go there by myself. It'll be nice having a group of like-minded people to talk to about the work.