Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cincinnati Rollergirls- Battle of the Buckeye

Hey everyone, once you're done with Christina's book signing on Saturday the 20th you could come on over to the Gardens for the Cincinnati Rollergirls' final home bout! I did this poster for it, at first it was challenging for me to figure out how to indicate that it was a battle between Cincy and Columbus without using a buckeye or a plant or anything because those things arent really recognizeable to me (especially if I drew it in my style)- but hey I think the flag works and is more exciting.

Also, We are now selling posters of each bout of the season, as well as a "value" set of all five home bouts - and we're getting our first t-shirt in soon! I am manufacturing all of this stuff through my company, and it's been fun so far, and I'm glad that CRG came to an agreement about it with me! All of this stuff is available at the bouts, and we also have an online store now: www.derbyrama.com

If you come on Saturday be sure to say hi, I'll be at the merch booth!


  1. These posters have been outstandind and this one is the best yet!

  2. I meant to spell it "outstanding".

    Seems I always manage to misspell one word every time I post.

  3. You guys should go to the next bout. I group of us will be there.

    This is my favorite poster yet! Amazing design!

  4. Aw, It's really easy to make one of the girls look like she represents Cincinnati. Doing it without drawing her as a flying pig, well......

    Nice job all around, although I think I prefer the quirkiness of the rabbits.
    Best of luck moving the merchandise!

  5. thanks guys! Yeah the rabbits will hopefully be on a shirt soon, but I've been saying that for months now. But really, it will! I think...