Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chalk Dog

I still have a lot of studio work in non-disclosure limbo. Since I usually retain all the rights to my driveway art, I'll share this weekend's piece.
You can see a straight-on view at the chalk-o-holic blog.


  1. That is a great photo with the girls in the background. I love how you rendered the dog's nose.

  2. Did you do the drawing to keep kids out of your driveway? Looks like it work with the kids running in the background...

  3. Ha, I wish. Usually I'm about half-finished before Carol tramps right thru a drawing.
    The idea is to have us all draw at the same time, but they get bored quicker, which puts to rest the perennial question: Who has the longer attention span, the average artist or the average 3-year-old?

  4. well that's easy - it's...

    what was the question?

  5. hi Chuck! I love it! i bet your neighbors do too. Such a fun thing to do with the kiddies.