Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm sure alot of you were wondering at the Christmas party what in fact was in that Giant Blue Box of Doom.
Holy Hot Pants Batman! I was expecting a garden gnome or used pair of boxer shorts so when I opened Big Blue with my wife
and family today I was blow away by my Mr Collins swag extravaganza! In fact I have to get back because they are yelling at me to come back down for dessert but I just wanted to say you DA MAN DARYLL! There is no way even if I had the time I could tell you all the things in the box with such nicknacks as a Ford Mirror/Brush and Baseball snow globe mouse but here are some picks of my Booty. The highlights for me were: two D. Collins originals, a snotty Christmas card, Ren and Stimpy Comic, Zombie covers Book as well as a Prince of Persia Graphic novel-SCORE! So to all you that passed it up--- SUCKERS-- to Daryll a huge thank you and to all the other good little illustrators on Christmas eve.... God Bless all of us all, Everyone!


  1. You're welcome Woody. I keep a box in my stusio all year. Every time I get something that I already have or something for a reasonable price, I drop it into the Illustrators Christmas party gift box. By December, I usually have a pretty good stash.

    The originals are done on scrap colored paper. I save it in a stack, and when I have some free time I'll create something using markers and colored pencils.

  2. That's studio, not stusio!

    Although that's how my cousin, Phil Collins, pronounces studio!

  3. Wow! That is a haul! No wonder Daryll did a whole comic in the sketch exchange ;)

  4. I owe you a nice piece of art Daryll, thx again.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Woody! I enjoyed the commentary, and the photo essay stacked in a vertical column is a nice touch!
    What I really want to see (and I probably speak for a lot of us) is a posting devoted to some of your recent artwork, in particular your paintings and portraits.
    Won't you consider a small donation this year at Christmastime?