Monday, December 14, 2009

Life Drawing

I've never attended a Dr. Sketchy's session, but I thought I'd answer the call to post some figures. I did this male figure in pastel several weeks ago at Manifest Studios.

There's more to see at my figure drawing blog. Visitors are always welcome.


  1. That is a great image Chuck! I have your figure drawing blog bookmarked.

    Have you entered any of Manifest's competitions?

  2. Thanks, Christina! I've entered once, a year or two ago. The competition for their drawing annual is fierce. 5 years ago, I may have had a chance, but I'm afraid I'm not in that league now.

  3. Do you people like scary stuff? I bet the majority of you would pass out if you saw any life drawing I did these days.

    That's an outstanding rendering Chuck. It's interesting how the crop brings out a totally different dynamic.

  4. ANY post of yours is always welcome, Daryll. In fact, I'm surprised you haven't taken the bait on Christina's challenge to post holiday cards —slacker!

  5. Oh Cha...uck, there's something waiting for you at the top of the pa..age...