Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This watercolor piece was commissioned to be simply hung on a wall —a real rarity for me. The only stipulation was that it should feature a giraffe, so I snuck the little fella in the background (that's him behind the goose).


  1. Chuck this is Great!

    I'll see what I can do about posting some work here, problem is
    most of the stuff I am working on I can't post until months latter until it sees the stores but inspired by your great goose I'll wrangle something up.

  2. Thanks, Woody!
    I know how it is. I finally got the green-light to post some things I did over the summer. A good chunk of my work can't be posted at all, ever. It's okay, they are willing to pay for that added service.

  3. Man, that is excellent!

    Great giraffe and goose characters. The color is outstanding!

    Chuck, you should be working for Disney!

  4. beautifully done!