Saturday, December 12, 2009

More "Sketchy" Fun

Here are a couple of my favorite sketches from Thursdays' Dr. Sketchy's drawing session. It was a lot of fun with plenty hot cider and coffee since it was absolutely FREEZING out.

The venue is an old church in Covington's Main Strauss area and is a lovely place to sketch with the fabulous stained glass windows and interesting spaces.

I am still figuring out the ideal mix of drawing materials. I am enjoying the ink for now.

Next month's costume theme is Russian Cold War from what I understand. Hopefully in a James Bond way. Too bad there is not a bar here like the Safe House in Milwaukee.

I am pushing for a whole Lord of the Rings theme with Arwen, Aragorn, etc. (Brennan, hint hint?)I am sad I missed the session where the models dressed as fairies.

By the way, I hope to see other people post what they are doing for Christmas cards. Show them off!


  1. I like these, Christina-especially the ink one. Nice line work. I have to admit I'm uncomfortable with the second sketch because without a chair I worry she's going to fall.
    I hope to make it to a session- I sure like the drawings that you all are doing!

  2. Great stuff! I like the missing chair. I like to think she is just an extremely balanced individual.

    I hope to make it to a Dr.Sketchy session soon.

  3. I hope you can make it. We have a lot of fun.The venue is really cool.