Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Card Conundrum!

I've done my own personal Christmas card for over 25 years now. It's always a problem coming up with a gag or gags that will not cause older relatives to pass out or to ban me from their homes, yet funny/not lame for my colleagues and friends. Above are a few of my more ambitious creations from years ago. I don't have that kind of time, energy or ambition to do ones like that these days.

Below are a few concepts that I've considered over the years but due to "good taste", decided that Aunt Thelma and Uncle Carl just wouldn't understand. I think these unused ideas may find their way to that island with the misfit toys!

INSIDE: "But that ain't nothin'
compared to what I saw her doing
with the mailman!"

This year I was having a real problem coming up with anything! I finally came up with an idea that was ok. Funny enough and not candy-assed and figured,"It'll do." But then, like a lightning bolt from Valhallah, came the idea for this year's card. Only problem... it's a bit foul. So for the first time in history I will be sending two separate cards.

I'll post both after the holidays.


  1. "chet's nuts" is hard to beat : )

    nice work!

  2. Troy will be really disappointed if we don't get the foul version.

    I laughed out loud at the Easter bunny and Mrs. Claus. Those old reindeer are great too. I love their crumpled faces.

  3. Don't worry Christina, you and Troy are on my foul list!

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Your posts are always a treat.
    I want the foul as well, but please put it in a plain brown wrapper so it looks like a Bud Plant catalog.

  5. Oh, and by the way, your work looks fabulous in red 'n black. Love it.

  6. Daryll-You're sick-I LOVE these!!

  7. Daryll, Daryll, Daryll,
    These are great..you are an evil genius ..don't you realize that you have just found a need that never existed before. The dirty christmas card - these are marketable..but where??...an ad in Playboy? a rack in Victoria's Secret...or Hustler store?....why doesn't Hallmark have an x-rated section???......................David

  8. wow daryll these are awesome~ I need to get my butt in gear for xmas cards in general, i never do them!

  9. Soft-n-Nutty elf fudge. Hah-HAH!

    In one of my stupider Christmas moves, in 2002 I decided to make up for a lifetime of not sending Christmas cards by hand-painting some 15 ornaments. Each with a unique cartoon of a sock monkey.

    The conservative recipients got such innocent scenes as dancing sock monkey with a Santa hat. My mother (who passed down her sense of humor to me) got Monkey-in-a-Manger.

    My arms have never been so sore. And I didn't get a single extra Christmas card the following year. Never again! But I really need to start doing a card.

  10. The foul card is hilarious. Just got it yesterday!

  11. These make me very Happy!
    Idiot Elf and the Easter Bunny good stuff.