Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Card

Here is my Christmas card for this year. It got even weirder at one point but I had to edit when it was not working. It was like, well, wrestling with a flying tiger... Humorously, it was probably the most "Christmasy" element in the design. I may use what I chopped out for something else.

I am doing a small print run of postcards but will mostly send an e-version.

What are all of you doing? Show it off! Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. oooo I like! Cool Christina I love it! I realllllly wanna see what you chopped out I am intrigued. As for cards, I'm not doing any, I can never get my act together in time. I just buy them and send them ha

  2. Looks great. Now give me another hour to figure out all the elements and their subliminal meaning. haha

    Most of you saw mine at lunch a few weeks ago.

  3. Thanks! I usually alot whatever I can get done in a day to the card. That is why this is pretty simple.

  4. I'm with Darcy —I wanna see the weird outtakes. If you put a sprig of holly on it, ANYthing qualifies as a Christmas card. BTW, where do you get them printed?

  5. I used Vistaprint but spoke with a fine artist last night that recommends a different one that she said is more inexpensive. I will ask and post the info.

    The Vistaprint cards are very good though.