Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bug Alphabet

I've finished my alphabet series that I've been bringing to lunch. Here are the first nine letters.
Haven't put the others in blocks yet. Had a great time with it. The paintbucket tool and I are now an item-a little weird, I know, but works.


  1. For all its simplicity, this has a lot of charm, Viki. I especially like the firefly and the inchworm. Can't wait to see the rest!

    If it's not too late to make a suggestion or two, I'd put a warm colored block in that bottom row —it's a bit heavy with blues and greens. I'd also raise the inchworm about a half-head. (Picky, I know.)

    Great work!

  2. Great work Viki! I love "i" particularly. I see chuck's point. Will this be a whole poster of a-z or in sheets?

  3. Thanks you two. I see your points Chuck-I could make some changes. The drawings are from a coloring book I did for Dover several years ago-my reason for using them was to try to use intense colors and dark backgrounds, something hard for me to do in watercolor. The drawings all had lines that made closed spaces(coloring book) so I could use the paintbucket tool easily. Just really an exercise in pushing myself in a new direction, and a sample for my rep. I'm happy with it and it's led to lots of new ideas, always a good thing.