Thursday, February 4, 2010

DC The Zombie

In response to Woody's plea to share your undead love... here is my zombie portrait for the 12 Way With Cheese Comic Anthology. After seeing Woody's zombiefied self-portrait, I feel the need to rent a testicle! I vow that my next zombie self-portrait will be a more worthy bad-ass version!



  1. Haha! This is great, Daryll! The more variety the better!

    Someone help me: Is "zombies" a sub-theme of the comic? Or is there just a zombie section? The samples we've seen from Christina are just a little bit different from Woody's self-portrait. (professional artists pick up on these subtleties.)

  2. Chuck, believe it or not, it started out as a Cincinnati chili theme as the title,"12 Ways With Cheese". I mentioned that our comic needed a mascot like in those old EC comic books of the 1050's that had "The Crypt Keeper", "Uncle Creepy",etc., and suggested "Zombie Marge".

    That opened the floodgates! As in all anthologies, there is a vast array of material. Some all-ages stuff, some definitely for adults only. Some features have a zombie theme, some do not. But we all decided that we would all draw ourselves as zombies for the credits page.

  3. I find it hilarious that in both our illustrations ears have been munched on. Somewhere out there, there is a zombie who prefers to eat ears to brains.
    I also love the Indian arrow thru the head gag with the worm. And to be fair Daryll your Zombie looks like a zombie while I look like a dude that just got punched in the face by a shotgun.

  4. I guess if there are local zombies out there that prefer ears to brains, you'd like to think they would be of the Alison Montoya/Tricia Macke variety.

    I certainly don't want zombie Pat Berry anywhere near my ears.

  5. Actually the reason for the chomped ear is that I was fast enough that the zombie couldn't get to my brain, but not fast enough to escape without having a bit of my ear eaten.

    Thereby, becoming a zombie myself!

    The horror..........

  6. Maybe ears are like a snakc to zombies-like pork rinds...

  7. This is the look I have by the end of one of my painting crits!