Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi Everybody-
I've gotten interested in the area of art licensing, so I'm starting to learn what all that entails. This is an experiment using one of a series of silly birds that I've been drawing. I wanted to see what I could do with it in some sort of pattern. Just playing, but would like to hear critiques-I know there are imperfections in the corners-I haven't learned all the techniques yet. Also, have any of you worked in this area? Know anyone who is?


  1. I've not had any experience with licensing, so I can't help you there.

    What I can say is that I dig the funky bird design and your color palette is excellent!

    What markets are you hoping to tap?

  2. Thanks Daryll! I'm thinking about the gift wrap, paper products, china, scrapbooking,fabric,market.
    Licensing your designs to manufacturers-it's all very new to me, but I think it could be a good match. Like I said, this is my first attempt at pattern, so I have much to learn. But, it keeps me off the streets-and lord knows, we wouldn't want Viki on the streets!

  3. I think this is fantastic, Viki! The decorative, stylized approach to the bird is great. The pattern and palette are excellent too.

    The internet should make your job easier. Go to stores, take down the brand names of products you see there and check them out on the net.
    Create more like this and maybe tie them to specific holidays (this one is very close to being a fantastic table decoration for kids at Thanksgiving.)

    Great start!

  4. I like it but would like more elements to the pattern than the bird.

    It is such a cool design but I feel it is a little lost in its current configuration.I almost want a pattern with more whimsical swirliness.

    Surtex used to be the ultimate licensing show, but it is INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE to have a booth there. As Chuck said, the internet is powerful. Maybe start a website for your licenced properties. There are a lot of places that buy patterns, maybe send emails to some buyers with a link to your available patterns.

  5. Viki - so this is what you said you were working on - very nice, and I echo everyone's comments on the color treatment. Scott has explored licensing extensively over the past several years so maybe he can chime in with advice. As to the art of pattern, I wish Tom Gilmore was still with us - his Applied Design course was the only exposure I had to that discipline and I wish I'd taken it more seriously at the time. It was fascinating to work with from a technical standpoint, but I always felt my efforts were very hit-and-miss without the knowledge and experience to approach repeat-pattern design in an educated way. One good tool we all have now is the ability digital design gives us all to endlessly rearrange and try things out so much faster than drawn & painted techniques - go for it!

  6. Thanks for all your comments!
    Surtex is still the place to go from what I read. It is expensive-I was in New York one year when it was going on and went to look. WOW-overwhelming, but probably great if you were ready for it and had the cash. In the meantime you do need to create a LOT of pattern, so I'll keep plugging along. I did get a good e-book on creating patterns in Photoshop, very straight-forward.
    I agree with you Christina, and am playing around with other elements.
    Thanks! Great advice from everyone!