Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

This is the portable brush with permanent ink cartridges that I showed at lunch on Wednesday.

Boy, are they hard to find.

Get one at Hyatt's Art Supplies for $17.

This appears to be the same product, available through Amazon.

Dick Blick art supplies is cheaper, but out of stock until March.

I love these things. Especially for on-the-scene sketching.


  1. Cool! I have been looking for a good brush pen. I tend to use a brush with Creatix Black opaque couples with Micron pens.

  2. Coupled with I mean-I hate typing...

  3. I got a chance to play around with it at lunch on Wednesday. It's the best brush pen I've ever used.
    Nice dense ink and the point of the brush really keeps it's integrity.

    Now if I could only really get up to speed in drawing with a brush instead of a pen!

  4. Thanks, Brian! I think I'll wait for the reduced price at Blick :P I get their catalog now and again. I got a Micron brush pen from Michaels the other day. I thought they stopped carrying those, but apparently they keep Microns in their scrap-booking area. Weird, but I get it. They only had one brush size, which kinda stunk, but it suffices until I can invest in this marvel of modern brush pens :P

  5. brian,

    have you had any trouble with the tip of this brushpen? I had one previously and LOVED it, till shortly after, the brush tip started to feather apart. In about 2 weeks, the tip was gone and from then on, I could only make really hairy brushstrokes. It couldn't keep a point.

    Just curious if you have any trouble or if I just got a lemon of a pen.

    I've moved on to another brushpen, also made by pentel. It's significantly larger, and has a squeezable body to pump ink through. So far they've been treating me great, but aren't as stylish as this one you have here!

    The ones I'm using now are also cheaper which is always nice : )