Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Illustrator/designer needed

Hi all,

It kills me to have to turn down this job, but I'm throwing it open to folks here to follow up if they'd be so inclined. The job is for a small local agency doing a limited edition print for Drake Hospital having to do with first responders - Fire, EMS and Police - in some sort of commemorative composition; the roll out for this will be an event featuring Rudy Giuliani sometime in May, so the deadline is of course a bit tighter than ideal. The three departments featured will represent the City of Cincinnati with some reference to local landmarks in the piece, and I can certainly help out with reference on fire and ems personnel, gear, vehicles etc and probably some cop stuff also. This could be a nice high-profile piece, but does not come with a corresponding great budget; they're interested in a donated piece but it sounds like there's probably some room to negotiate a fee. If you're interested, please contact Larry Davis at 513-385-3370 or as soon as possible. Also feel free to give me a call at 513-248-1550 for further details. PS a design- or photo-oriented solution is not out of the question...they're open to ideas.



  1. Should I send to the lunch list or have they gotten someone?

  2. Thanks, if you don't mind - haven't heard of anyone taking it yet and they need to get something going pretty soon...