Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks Christina - just went out and dug the paper out of the snow. The best thing about this poster was having the opportunity to collaborate with our own Chuck Rekow - great guy, excellent designer and consummate gentleman under pressure. He contributed the type & border design and color and the poster is by far the better for it...thanks, Chuck! I usually get vast amounts of these every year; the Heart Assoc. would be pleased to receive any contribution, and I would be pleased to deplete the number I have to store someplace.

I obviously can't figure out the formatting rules of this site, but I have to include a pic of Chuck's incredibly cute daughters and their field trip to Merten printing. It's set in stone - now that they've had that exposure to the magical aroma of ink & amp; two of the youngest graphic artists of the next generation:


  1. True to form, John is being WAY too kind.
    There was no pressure, and when you start with a painting that's as good as this, the only thing to do is make the type take up as little room as possible. In fact, I think I could improve the poster again by scrunching the type together even more.

    I'll admit, the kids are kinda cute. :-)

  2. Hats off to John. Another winner!

    And Chuck is a man of many artistic skills. Excellent choice for the type/design aspects.

    I'll third it... those Rekow girls are really cute!

  3. It is fun to see the posters through the years on the site. So much great work.

    I love the picture of CHuck's design team too. Pretty soon you can have them doing layouts for you in InDesign :)

  4. Really wonderful John! So sorry I didn't make it to your opening-spent too much time with my Dad in Oxford. Well, never enough time with my Dad, but you know what I mean. Also great type, Chuck-nice work. I'm about to post an experiment and I expect serious critique from you all! (I about groveling).

  5. Viki, that sounds cool! You have my curiousity piqued!

  6. John,
    That image is fantastic- a beautiful play of light handled in a retro deco style. The palette is exquisite. I might add that I really enjoyed the pale purple border that looks like a bounding box - very subtle but effective.
    This is excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

  7. David, thanks and Chuck I hope you're listening!! He's responsible for both the border and its color, as well as talking me into staying with the original color treatment...I was all set to go to a much hotter palette. This isn't the first time working in a collaborative manner has vastly improved the original concept...I expect the Zombie-comic book project will reflect the same thing!