Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zombie Hard Drive, or Hard Drive Failure

-- or, perhaps, Zombie Hard Drive.

I've got a Western Digital external hard drive: WD5000E035-00, to be precise. I use Windows XP on a Dell with a Pentium 4.

Overnight, the hard drive stopped working.

The little green light on the power cord keeps blinking. I replaced the USB cord with one that I know works, into a USB outlet that I know works. I plugged the hard drive into my wife's computer.

And yet neither the Device Manager, nor My Computer, recognizes that I even have a hard drive anymore.

What happened?


  1. Wish I could help Brian, but I'm just a mac guy.
    When something goes wrong, a little gnome wearing a black turtleneck and spectacles, waltzes out of my G4 tower, does some diagnostic testing, smacks it ala Arthur Fonzarelli, and creeps back in.
    It's really a stirring sight.

  2. Brian, call Monday. The guy who works for Troy fixes computers. He can take a look at it. You may be screwed if the drive went bad. Did you back it up?

  3. It's all backed up. In fact, this IS my back-up drive to my main external hard drive. Irony!

    Our power went out last night. I use a surge protector, but you never know...