Monday, February 22, 2010

Work Cartoons

Work is apparently moving away from the illustrated look for its self-promotional stuff, which I honestly think is a good idea. Hopefully it just means I'll get to draw vector versions of a lot of this stuff again : ) Bring on the skulls icons!

But anyway, here are a couple of spot cartoons they've been using in the background for various presentations.


  1. I love these, Oliver! The one of the scientist putting the bones together and the one where he's looking down at the plans are particularly good. Great character! Great textures. Keep posting!

  2. The concept is great. I like that the dinosaur is recreated as an ED 209 with teeth...

    Yes, everyone keep posting :)

  3. Wow, I love these! It shows that you enjoyed working on these.

  4. I didn't initially make the Robocop connection, but ever since you mentioned it, I can't shake the feeling that Oliver's scientist is really movie memorabilia collector, Bob Burns:

  5. Thanks everyone! They were a lot of fun to work on. I'm not a big tech guy, so I just tried to keep it cartoony. I had the most fun with the first two.

    Ah, Christina, I WISH I had thought to reference the ED209. That would've been perfect! And Robocop is awesome, so taking a break to look at stills would've been fun.

    Close call Chuck, but I was thinking more of a Dr. Bombay kinda guy : )