Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class demonstration

This is a mixed media demonstration I did of the great Lance Armstrong. Its mixed media and though I don't use one, I showed them how to airbrush by using one for the background. I think image has more to do with me getting excited to start cycling outdoors with spring coming than anything else!


  1. Great work, Bruce!
    You've got some ID elements in there that are really tough to handle.
    You've pulled 'em off masterfully!

  2. That is really nicely done Bruce! As Chuck said-good tech!

  3. Cool stuff as always - how much time is in this...did you do it start to finish for the class?

  4. Many thanks! John, I did the first steps individually then helped the students do the same steps. Toward the end I would several steps at a time so they could see the relationship between steps. There's probably 2.5-3 hours in it.