Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Fever!

Here are my spring e-mailers this year. Above is the style I plan to use for my Six Swans graphic story and below is a spring painting. I kind of love painting bluebirds. I hope to and photograph some this summer when biking!
On the top picture, I snuck in a pysanka egg. I am learning to make them from Theresa and Paula (See earlier posts). They are really good at it-I have a long way to go... It is a whole lot easier to draw one in Illustrator :)
Happy Easter everyone! Looks like the weather will be nice for once! (Oops! I hope I did not jinx it...)


  1. Christina,
    Those are really nice - very fresh and bouncy with the pastel palette.
    Forgive me for saying this - I am glad that is a bunny and not a skunk because I think the flowers and swirls behind it might otherwise be misconstrued.
    I am so terrible, my mind must be in the gutter.

  2. David, My mind is in the gutter too, I'm afraid.

    I still like these a lot —especially the bird. The oval with the bird perched on the border is a clever touch. The pattern adds a lot as well. Nice job, Christina!

  3. Thanks! Naturally, Troy also immediately commented on the flowers...

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only perv on this board - just a guy thing I think. I would NEVER suggest bunnies naturally have flatuation issues.

  5. but if they did, this would be the result :-)

  6. Well, rabbit DO eat a lot of plant matter... So...

  7. Q. What's invisible and smells like carrots?

    A. Bunny farts.

  8. In all seriousness, those are great designs. Oddly, I didn't put the bunny's backside and the swirling flowers together like the rest of the guys. I guess I'll have to turn in my dude card!

    How have those e-card mailings done for you, Christina? I bought an ADBASE subscription last year and was really disappointed with the results. I sent out hundreds of e-card mailers and had less than 10% even bother to open the attachment.

    Of the art directors (3%) who got back to me, many said they get hundreds of these every week, but that they would save mine. I can only assume they just hit delete most of the time.

  9. Daryll, I have to admit I do not send emails to people I have not worked with or have not been in contact with before. I suppose it is going for the low-hanging fruit, but I tend to send to existing clients.

    That being said, I get good results.

    I figure that the sites like Children Illustrators, ISpot, etc. are more for the first contact.

    I very rarely send anything by regular mail anymore.

  10. Christina, I think that's a good strategy. It keeps you and your great work in front of art directors you already have a working relationship with.

    I didn't bother to renew my subscription to ADBASE because I didn't get much bang for my buck. I also felt the majority of art directors were annoyed by the unsolicited e-mail promos.