Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...our Little Peanuts.

*Just* finished this piece! It's needle-felted wool, polymer clay + cut paper. My good friend from Kent recently had twins, and their entire nursery is decked out in elephants (only with their trunks UP--that's good luck she says.)

For an EPIC behind-the-scenes on this piece.... go HERE!
(...hoping she doesn't check my blog; she's not getting this until Thursday...)


  1. Absolutely astonishing! You should do more in the felt. The step by step is interesting as well.

  2. Thanks! The felt is really fun to do.... once in a while.
    It's a v e r y s l o w process! I like being able to crank out clay/cut paper quickly.

  3. Wow! Nice! I can believe it took a long time. Very cute.
    They're gonna love it!

  4. That's incredible! Thanks so much for sharing the process and wonderful piece!

  5. very cool multi media! We tried finding you at the store on Sat - when do you usually work?

  6. Very nice! It's be cool to see picture books done this way.