Monday, March 22, 2010

More Maps

This is an illustration I did that was installed in a learning center in Israel. It was so cool! The theme was an enchanted fairy tale forest.

This is all ink and Illustrator (and Streamline which I miss)


  1. Good job Christina. You never know where your artwork will show up.

    A Get Well card I illustrated for Hallmark showed up in a hospital room scene on the soap, Guiding Light.


  2. I can't beat that, Daryll! but here's my story:

    Years ago, I did a series of character designs for Pampers thru a local branding firm. I forgot all about it, until I went to China to adopt Lily. We went into a small Chinese store to get extra diapers, and there was a package all in Chinese with my cartoon character on it. That character has probably been seen by more people than anything I've ever done.
    (lesson: treat all your work as if it may go all the way.)

  3. well all I can claim is a mural in a grocery store (though I'm not certain that English is the first language in South Bend).

  4. Also, having artwork hanging up in Israel is pretty cool. I wish I could claim that one.

  5. decades later....sheesh thanks Chuck.

  6. Christina this is really the size shown it looks like it could be an interactive type display with stick-ons or you know how it was used? It (or a similar piece) would be an ideal companion for some of your books!

  7. Sorry, John! I was trying to emphasize your years of accumulated wisdom.
    It's 2010, and I have ten on the mind I guess.

  8. John,

    The children in the classes marked their progress in the progam with magnets. I had to have a certain number of stones to correlate with the program.