Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Journals: Visual Storytelling

Check it out! A journal I did during the 1998 Europe Trip with our daughter Lindsey's middle school.



  1. Geez, Scott, that's one cool travelogue!
    Your drawings remind me of Sergio Aragones and your lettering reminds me of Ken Botts. Not a bad combo!

    How much of this was done on the trip?

  2. pretty great memoir...wish I had the discipline to keep a sketchbook up for more than 3 pages. Scotty's humor,lettering and drawings were/are always top-notch!

  3. That is a cool journal. I like the way the program scrolls through it.

    We were in Romania for a wedding around the same time in June 1998.

  4. That sure was fun to look at! Love all the little illustrations and captions everywhere.... i know a lot of scrapbooking ladies who would KILL to have one like that (and with these ladies i'm not exaggerating ha ha!) ... very inspiring!

  5. The journal was done during the trip expect some photos were added later. I had the kids provide items to put in the journal to pass the time on the long bus rides. The one rule, it had to be a found item.

    My youngest son scanned and put the side show together. I'm not that tech savvy.