Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Some really fun character design, especially if you're into the viking type stuff! (And set to music from an old Conan movie, if memory serves. )


  1. Wow! Those are great! Thanks for the link!

    I am really excited to see this movie. Kung Fu Panda was one of the better 3-D animated films I have seen in recent years and the art book for that was incredible.

    Looks like I will be getting this one as well.

  2. This is great, Oliver!
    Some of those designs are by Nicolas Marlet, who (IMHO) is the best character designer in the business today. I was going to mention him in the thread about influences, but Bob Ross kind of got me off on a tangent. Chris Sanders is another artist whose work I really love, and I think his style is all over this as well.

    In character design, Disney has seriously lost ground to Dreamworks.

  3. If I'm correct, Marlet did some designs for KungFu Panda as well. I never saw that film, or the art book unfortunately. I heard it was fantastic from others as well, Christina. I have a feeling I'll be getting this one tho...it's much more up my alley, with the vikings and dragons.

    Chuck in particular, that characterdesign.blogspot.com has great interviews with character designers and often has posts from really old Disney model sheets and disgarded character designs for famous characters. It's a neat site.

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  5. Thanks, Oliver! (again!)

    Marlet designed all the characters for that film. If you are into character design, that book is a must. About half of it is dedicated to Marlet's work.

    I check out the characterdesign blog every month or so. Probably not often enough, but we gotta leave some time for drawing! :-)

  6. Wow, there really is some cool stuff in there. Dream works has definitely been going in a good direction. I can kind of see that Chris Sanders influence you mentioned. Especially in the Dragons.