Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Dr. Sketchy's

The latest Dr. Sketchy's theme was vampire goth, so red paper seemed fitting. Drawing two models was VERY difficult. It was a challenge when you are used to one.

The costumes were really cool. Come on guys! Show your images! Oliver, Woody, Pam, Brennan and I were there in addition to a good crowd. The next one is April 8th.


  1. Nice, I like the clean lines and vignetted appearance of these. Nice work. Did you do these with pen? Looks like a felt tip or sharpie of some kind. Nice work. The red is an excellent touch. I really like the face of the woman in the first drawing, it's simple and economical, but it's hard to see what her body is doing. Overall really great, Christina. And, yeah! You guys should be making me feel bad I didn't go by putting up the cool stuff everybody did. I wanna see stuff, man :P

  2. Nicely, done, Christina. I've drawn couples a few times, and I've reached the same conclusion. It takes a lot of concentration and patience. Definitely harder than drawing one figure twice.