Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comic Anthology Cover

In honor of the small press comic book show in Columbus this weekend, here is a cover I did for my friend Allen Freeman's comic anthology, Slam Bang, a couple years ago.

He thought it would be really funny showing an alien being pampered in a salon. I do not get to do cartoons very often so this was really fun.

I am really interested in developing a graphic novel for kids. I finally have come up with an idea-I just need to pull it off! I am still in the post-it note/ideation phase.


  1. Lots of fun! I especially like the details-the foot bath and the snack that's about to be served. Glad my salon (if I had one) doesn't have eyeballs and worms in the cooler.

  2. That Bizarre Foods show may actually have profiled salons that serve bugs and eyeballs as snacks :P

  3. I was shameless in praising you to Allen at the Slam Bang table - not that you needed it!

    This cover made me laugh out loud the second I saw it. So good.