Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greeting Card Chronicles #3

As promised, here's the card that tickled the funny bone of an incarcerated felon so much that he had to send a letter to Gibson Greetings to express his glee.

As I recall, I was working diligently at my desk when the Production Manager of the Art Dept. came up to me and said, "You have a fan." He handed me a letter that was written on a ripped out page of a spiral notebook. As best as I can recall it said,"Dear artist Collins, This accident card is the funniest greeting card I've ever seen in my life! Most funny greeting cards are not so funny. I like how the guy in the purple pants is hitting the street. There is also no way they will be able to turn the net quick enough to catch the lady in the pink dress either. Ha!"

"Do you have any more cards like this one? I can not get to the store to buy them myself but I have family that can get them for me. Your fan, ... (I don't remember his name, although he was locked up at The Lebanon or Lima Correctional Institute.)

I am paraphrasing here, but that is it to the best of my recollection. I asked if I could keep the letter or at least copy it, but Gibson wouldn't let me.

This dude really had to go over this card with a fine toothed comb to find my name. It's really small, just above the fireman on the right's thumb.

I don't score supermodels or centerfold playmates as fans, just criminally deranged dudes.


  1. Nice to know you brightened someone's day....can I hang a copy of this in our firehouse?

  2. Nice to know you are building up a solid fan base :)

    This is so politically incorrect now that I could see a creative director's eyes go Tex Avery if you proposed it.

  3. Actually, a writer came up with the concept. I was just given the idea to illustrate.

    But true, this is another example of a card that would never see the light of day in 2009!

  4. Gibson wouldn't let you even photocopy it?!!!!

  5. Humor is so strange - as soon as you figure it out - it isn't funny anymore.
    Perhaps there might be a market for the politically incorrect merchandise - but that is opening a big can of worms.
    Thanks for posting all your work Daryll - it is really interesting to see the development of your early working drawings and how it has developed into your current style.