Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Final Painting

The painting is finished! All digital on the Cintiq.

I did not use much of the Painter program as promised. I need to force myself-this is mostly Photoshop.

As I said, there is a Thumbelina feel about this that I realized in the sketch but it is not really a bad thing. Yes, there is supposed to be a sinister vibe from the chipmunk.


  1. Wow! Really wonderful, Christina!

  2. Thanks! I am looking forward to your comic post ;)

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  4. Outstanding! I especially like how you rendered the folds in the gown and the lighting/shading effect of the insects.

    Background has a nice texture/fade quality.

    I was once pantsed in my backyard by a band of rogue chipmunks.

  5. Oh no! Not the rogue chipmunks! They'll cut you...

  6. I'm enjoying the colors of the ground and Autumn details. Subtle and well-composed.