Monday, April 13, 2009


Cricket hired me to do a couple of illustrations for their magazine. This was a 2 page spread. They liked my unique  combination of photography and illustration.


  1. Nice to see you posting Steve! This image turned out really cool!

  2. Yes, we need more posters.

    Not lazy-ass illustrators that have like maybe put up one goofy comic page thingy.

  3. Steve,
    Be prepared not to get paid for a year. Cricket is one of the worst to keep you hanging. We did a cover and it took 14 months and lots of phone call, emails, and promises before they paid us.

  4. Has Cricket changed over the years? That looks like a really different approach for them. Anyway, it looks nice —good job, Steve!

    And yes, I'm the biggest non-poster schmuck around. :-(