Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm looking for a bit of advice. I posted this painting, "Strange Dreams," on my Web site, and I've received a request for an original acrylic based on it - perhaps 18 x 18, or 24 x 24.

I need to buy new acrylic paints and a canvas. I need permanence and affordability. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. Brian,

    You cannot go wrong with Liquitex stuff and they are affordable. Any pre-primed and pre-stretched canvas should do the job, archivally. You can procure the items at an art store like Plaza or craft place like Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

  2. I've also been playing with gessoed(sp?) hollow core doors for large (over 40"), easy to cut and best of all lightweight. I like working on stretched canvas but it's so much easier, at least for me, to get a drawing tracked down onto a surface that doesn't bounce! I've also been ordering some of the Golden acrylics and they carry quite a few at the store that used to be Wilson Paint in Kenwwod - can't think of the new name right now. Just what did you eat prior to dreaming this??


  3. I have to say I do not have a paint brand loyalty. I mix Windser Newton, Golden, Liquitex and Createx based on individual pigment mix and concentration and overall paint viscosity. (For example, I like Windser Newton's Galeria yellow ochre color balance better than the other brands, Liqutex's greens, Golden's pthalo blue and so on). Not sure what that means archivally... (and yes Brian, that is not a word according to spell check) :)

    These days, I buy most of my art supplies at Michael's. They carry my favorite brushes and Wilton's is not really convenient. (That being said, the one in Clifton used to have a 20% discount-that store just changed names though so I am not sure if the deal is still valid.)

    Good luck with the derivative painting! I hope you show the finish. This one is has a great composition and color palette.

  4. I've used Liquitex in the past - and the old tubes have held up better than the Van Gogh paints, which have strange water beads floating in them.

    I believe that before this dream I was eating rarebit - old Winsor McCay recipe.

  5. Brian,

    That is one wild image!

    It reminds me of most days in my studio.

  6. I can't answer any questions about acrylic paint, but I had to chime in:

    I love the ferocity of this piece —that cat's insane!