Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party 2010 Pictures!

Of course what do you expect at an illustrators party?Jerry started drawing people. I have to admit my favorite is curly Justin.

Great turnout this year!  Hopefully next year will be even better though we were busting at the seems. We may need to look at a bigger room next year. Slatt's is always really good to us and let us stay waaaaaay after close.

I have no idea who got my sketch in the exchange either. Could someone tell me?

Anyway, pictures by me and Jerry. Enjoy!

I hope everyone had a fab time.

Brian and Natalia
Carol, Justin, Linda and Pam

Brennan, Craig, and Gerry

Craig, Jerry, Woody, Gerry, Viki
Justin, Mary, Patrick, Meredith

Troy, Daryll, Dawna, Tom

Tom, Paula, Chris, Dawna

Steve, Mark, Mary, Linda, Patrick, Meredith, Woody, Viki, Tim's Head


  1. How did we get no pictures of Daryll?

  2. Daryll is in one photo, drawing as usual. Maybe Christina can add it.

  3. It was great to see the people I see regularly and the people I don't see at the lunches very often. It was nice to meet you if I haven't seen you before :) Great party, Christina. Thank you for putting it together :) Merry Christmas everyone :)

  4. And great drawing, Jerry! Very flattering with the hair :P

  5. I don't draw my subjects...I just trace them!