Thursday, December 2, 2010

Special Edition Illustrators Lunch: Le Boxx and Charles Schulz

Next Wednesday the 8th, we will be going to see the Charles Schulz exhibit at the downtown library and have lunch at Le Boxx Cafe first.

Thanks Brian for the heads up!

I have always wanted to describe something as a special or limited edition. The latest buzz words in marketing.

It will be EPIC!


  1. Oooh, Now we need a Platinum Edition Illustrator's Lunch, an Anniversary Edition Illustrator's Lunch, an Extreme Illustrator's Lunch, a Supersized Illustrator's Lunch, a Contractor's Grade Illustrator's Lunch, and the Ultimate......

    the iLunch!

  2. The iLunch... is that where people get on video chat and just eat at home :P

  3. Epic is the latest buzz word in marketing. Just put epic in the title.

  4. Thanks Brennan. I added to the hip-a-tude.

  5. Ha. Yeah, I just see the word epic in front of all these titles and ads a lot now. So everything seems like it's an epic now these days.