Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Bramble Jack's Repose"

Here it is, folks! I hope you all have a Merry Holiday! And thank you, Paula, for suggesting the snow flakes. I didn't look at any reference for them except to pull the impressions of them from my mind after seeing them the other day. I felt like they should be floating memories than tightly rendered objects.


  1. Turned out nicely. I hope I have time to do a card.

  2. It's sooooooooo nice!

    I hear you Yank's got some snow. Maybe you can have some first-hand reference! ;~)

    I loooooove this design (friend of mine's) ....but check out those snowflakes! I'm thinkin' twice!

  3. Christina: Thank you :) Your deer and the rabbit and cardinal is not a card? That one would be really nice for that. I loved that painting.

    Paula: Thank you :) Yep, snow. It was really nice. Not snow ball worthy... yet :P But you can still make some good ones, if you pack them hard enough. As for the Yeti, REALLY nice design. I like it a lot. But I'm sticking with the six-sided snow flakes. I had forgotten that there was a fractal pattern to those things. They are so beautiful, and unique. I think it's less the sides and more the design I was intrigued by. Seeing them, first hand, and noticing how perfect each one was at such a small size was like a mind grenade :P We're all so wrapped up in the big picture that sometimes I think we forget that the small picture has a lot to tell us. It got me thinking on how small things, like being nice to people (in subtle ways) and stopping every now and again is worthy of our attention. This whole piece was a meditation on the idea of whimsy, on classical ideals, craftsmanship, and simple goodness.

  4. Great piece of art Justin. Did you actually sit in the snow and sketch those flakes one at a time. You have to be fast.


  5. Yes, Jerry, I did :P It was a pain in the ass :P The paper kept getting wet and the snowflakes had this annoying habit of MELTING every time I managed to catch one :P

    Thanks, guys :) Merry Holidays to all of you :)