Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dino Cartoons

Trying to think..."what would Chuck do?" for these. Livetraced in illustrator from Cintiq line drawings. Will hopefully be bicycle helmet stickers.


  1. I love my Cintiq but do not use it to sketch. I am too addicted to paper.

    Nice livetrace results!

    These are really striking characters. I admit, I always draw velociraptors with feathers now.

  2. Really nice design and use of limited color.

    Bold, fun characters! Great results from sketching on your Cintiq.

    I am a confirmed "paper man" when it comes to sketching. I like how my pencil feels against a paper surface. Just more natural for me.

  3. What would Chuck do?
    If I were a 7-year-old kid again, I'd buy these! (or at least add them to my Christmas list.) I love 'em both, but I think most kids would opt for the more aggressive T-rex. Really nice job, Oliver!

    Speaking of Illustrator, does anyone have a good recommendation on a paper manual/guide/tutorial for the latest versions? (I have CS4). It wouldn't hurt me to seriously brush up on the latest features.

  4. Oh, one other thing I'd do: Make the image size bigger when you post —you are far too modest! :-)

  5. Actually, the Adobe website has tons of CS4 tutorials. Also check out Escape from Illustration Island (poscasts and videos) and Imagine FX.

    I am sure others here have some good urls as well.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I also have an addiction to paper, but there's something about working digitally that let's me feel more free to try really gestural marks for shape, etc. I know that might seem backwards, but it's just so easy to turn a layer down and use it as a sketch base and draw on top without a bunch of vellum or tracing paper.

    These were done for work, so I didn't have time to really do much research into what dinosaurs I was sketching, so I'm sure I have some anatomy and things way off. I can probably add some feathers tho ;)

    Glad they pass the "Chuck-test"!

  7. Thanks, Oliver, but I'm a bit embarrassed.
    Pleasing the little guy that this is intended for is the only test that counts.