Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christina Wald's April Dr. Sketchy's Drawings

This was a great session! Next time we will personally drive up to Darcy's house and drag her to Leapin Lizard. (Brian too!)

Dave H. HAS to post his stuff. People were in love with his amazing sketches. Great stuff! Also, Brennan Pam and anyone I missed should post their work too.

Next month is a go-go theme. Unfortunately, I will be out of town :(

Here are some of mine:



  1. Awesome!
    PS: You all missed a great (& free!) drag show in the bar downstairs :~D

  2. It looked fun but we were heading to western Kentucky in the morning.(And I still had art to finish...)

    Maybe in June...

  3. Thanks for posting Christina - I gotta get out to one of these...