Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jerry Dowling: News Portraits for Restaurant

From Jerry: Here are three of these dudes. There will be 16 total for now and more later. I assume it is the budget, as usual.

Here's the poop on the restaurant. I don't know if it has a name yet. It's either in Fairfield or West Chester, opening June or July.

The Pub will have a Founding Fathers theme. The decor will tell a story starting with the Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary war, Constitution, through Washington's Presidency and pictures of all 44 Presidents. We have a 320 sq. foot room that will have an Americans Heroes Wall honoring all branches of the military, police, and firefighters and the heroes from 9/12.. In this room will be a Fox wall with a TV tuned to Fox News and the caricatures on that wall.


  1. What? No Rachel Maddow room?

    :) Good work Jerry... I like the shape of Sean's head.

  2. Wow, Great gig! Great fun work too, Jerry! They picked the right guy.
    I take it we're going to have a lunch there as soon as it opens?

  3. chuck only when Jerry figures out where it is..haha

  4. As always, excellent job Jerry!

    In the Pub and in honor of our 39th President...

    Billy Beer on tap!

  5. Nice work, Jerry. We have yet to get together and hash things out. I'll see you next week if you go to the meeting. If you don't mind driving me home, we can talk then. I should have taken you up on a ride home after Pueblo. That was a huge misadventure... Anyway, nice stuff. can't wait to see the rest.