Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winter Finished

I was waiting for feedback on my next book cover sketch and finished this little drawing off today. It is for a series of four illustrations based on the seasons. The sketch is here.

This will be the last and I sketched it when there was snow. Each will have a big colorful skirt-this is the final after the fall which will be torn and blowing away. here, the skirt is the equivalent of the bare tree. You get the idea.


  1. Very pretty Christina! jeez you're prolific

  2. Très joli dessin, rempli de douceur...

  3. Nice subtle palette, I especially the like the hint of light pink to really suggest the chill.

  4. I was going to say what Woody said,"Nice subtle palette", but not what he said in Wendy's!

    Really nice palette. Great overall feel!

  5. Thanks, now just to do the other 3 :)

  6. Nice job. I like the idea of the bare bones dress for winter.

    My only suggestion is to somehow altar the branch that goes towards the deer's head. From a distance it looks like it pierces his cheek.

  7. I agree with Darcy and Ryan —your output is unbelievable!
    I also agree with Vanessa about the branch, although I didn't see it until she mentioned it. (I'm seeing a stylish cigarette holder)
    If the tree is on a background layer, it might be easy to just come down on the contrast, so the tree fades into the background. Not too much, bec. I love the tree —and the little ermine!
    Maybe it makes more sense in the context of the series, but I'm not sure I'm reading the girl's expression correctly. Is she embarrassed at losing her skirt? She almost looks like she's worried about seeing something just beyond the picture plane. It seems to be worrying the deer too.