Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Work and No Play Makes Brian a Dull Boy

With two professional projects on my agenda, I spent this afternoon in complete "Artist's Block." Paralyzed by the clean, sensible, commercial work that clotted my creative arteries.

So instead, I created the art you see here. A non-commercial, non-agenda, non-premeditated graphic slice of my childhood. From my memory of one of the few days when I caught a fish, and the day my father showed me that some laws were as flexible as fish.

From the picture, it's clear I wasn't born to be a fisher, hunter, or soldier. Instead, I create art.

This was a redeemed afternoon.


  1. Sometimes a little recreational art is just the thing to get rid of artist's block. Or posting comments on a blog ;)

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  3. Once you get your obligations taken care of, Brian, I'd love to see more autobiographical comics, especially if they involve dads and fishing —and please, show faces!

    Obviously, some commercial gigs are more restrictive than others, but I can usually find a way to put a personal stamp on almost any paying assignment. (In fact, I presume that is what we're hired to do.) Hopefully you can find some small portion of your paying gigs to call your own —best of luck!

  4. Yeah, Brian I totally agree with Chuck. I love this autobiographical work. The story is awesome. It's always inspiring to hear where art comes from. You experiences are so different from my own but I could almost feel like I was there. It's funny in a kind of sad way. Bittersweet. Nice.

  5. Literally in a box in my apartment are pages upon pages of scripts, character sketches, and notes for a autobiographical story based on my year teaching in a public school just outside of New Orleans, pre-Katrina.

    Not to mention some seven years of journals about my wild years.

    Maybe, some day, comics will grow out of that mulch. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Sorry, Brian. Don't want your wild years. Just your dad, and you, and fish. ;-)