Sunday, June 13, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe sketches.

A personal piece in the making! (inspired by my most recent trip to SC.)

...two pages of brainstorming in my sketchbook. I want to show Poe writing 'the Gold-Bug' on Sullivan's Island.

Here's a more finalized sketch. Still a few things to tweak here & there, but I think I'm ready to begin with clay....

I think I should turn that skull around, and I still need a good place for a raven. Anything stand out that I should change now?


  1. PS: Happy 450th blog post, Cincinnati Illustrators! ;~)

  2. Nice! I think a Raven would be a nice touch... Poe's life was so interesting; he is facinating to caricature.

  3. Yes, very interesting. Married his 13-yr old cousin? No, thanks!

    I was also watching 'Amadeus' while sketching.... how many famous artists die crazy & broke???

  4. Wow, these are great! Kinda has a Day of the Dead feel to it. I saw this awesome Day of the Dead diorama today walking out of Arthur's. It was really cool. A bunch of skeletons in relief in a hinged box that folded out like a triptych. Very nice.

    Dude, yeah, Amadeus was great. Definitely a fitting movie to be watching as you sketch Poe.

    13 is a bit on the young side. It reminds me of that song about that guy singing about a 16 year-old girl that he's in love with. "She's just sixteen years old, leave her alone they said." Probably sound advice :P

    Everything's better with ravens :P

  5. I would turn the skull so that is engaging the viewer more. Maybe angle it so it creates an inverted triangle with the trees, which would create an interesting tension, then throw the raven somewhere near Poe's head. I think you were playing with that idea a little. I like this a lot.

  6. Yup! Triangulation is my friend :~)