Friday, June 4, 2010

How Far Destiny?

This is a picture from a personal project. It's about a year old. There is a companion piece I have all drawn out but not started yet. This piece is called "Elivagar and Haraldain." It's pastel on Canson paper, 18"x24".


  1. This is a nice piece Justin. Good composition and narrative. I know you are somewhat limited by your medium but I really wish the value range was better, all too much middle range, regardless a really nice piece.

  2. I agree with everything Woody said. My initial reaction was that it could use darker darks, but I wasn't sure. For the funuvit, I downloaded the piece and adjusted the curves in Photoshop —wow!

  3. This is my favorite from you so far!!!
    Solid viewpoint/composition.

  4. Me again!
    So, I was curious myself, and dragged this piece from our blog into Photoshop...... and I see it's at 300dpi about 3x5"! Your work is **AMAZING**, and you should protect it by only posting 72dpi images on the internet. It would be terrible for you to see your work being used elsewhere--without your consent.

    I hope you don't feel like I'm always scolding you on here! Just giving a friendly heads-up! :~)

  5. this is by far my favorite of yours man. really cool! a little digital lovin' for values and this would be killer. nice job.

  6. Thanks, guys. I actually realized the value thing AFTER I posted it. The actual image is more contrasty. The photo was a bit washed out. I'll throw it into photoshop and tweak it and repost the image.

    Thank you all for your support and advice.

    Paula, I am not worried about it. you never have to apologize for giving me constructive feedback. I did all my crying in college :P (not really, I've always been pretty eager to receive criticism). I actually WANT feedback. I can't get better without it. So, thank you. Also, all my imagery online is at 72 dpi. I posted it larger here for your benefit. Even though you can't really see it in person, I think one of the best experiences a viewer of art can have is being able to see the marks and application of media. I'm usually pretty careful. Thank you for watching out for me, though. I tend to be pretty absent-minded, so I need it every now and again.

    This is part of a story I'm writing, following the exploits of Haraldain, a great hero of his age. He seeks his love over the Easting Sea. This image is showing him asking the Sea King, Elivagar (an Old Norse word pertaining to the sea), for aid.

    Thank you all, I value your opinions more than you may realize. This whole group experience has been an invaluable resource for information, companionship, and professional courtesy.

  7. Man, that is one bad-ass image!!!

    Dynamic in composition and color value.