Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surf & Turf

I meant to post this this weekend, but then it was sunny.

I created this for my girlfriend for our two-year "university" (as my English-as-a-second language-grandmother would say). It's water color, colored pencil, and microns on smooth 9 x 14 Bristol.

I really had fun with the lettering on this one (especially the "surfing" bubbles). Had I more time, I would have tweaked some of the composition so that the "Between" was a bit higher and the "With You!" was a bit lower to flow better, but I'm pretty happy with it overall.

This is the fourth or so drawing project I created for Katie, so that ace up my sleeve has been used. I had better come up with a novel way to give her gifts; unfortunately, she doesn't take kindly to gas station gift cards. :)



  1. We've never met, Nick, but I thought this was very touching. Yeah, at some point, you might have to spring for presents that come wrapped in boxes, but I can't imagine the novelty of a hand-made greeting will ever wear off.

    I need to do this more often with my loved ones.

  2. Thanks, Chuck! I took a gander at your site (very cool, btw) and I think we DID meet at the Blue Manatee meetup a few months back. I recognize your work, which tipped me off. :)

  3. Of course! (sorry, my short-term memory is going) I really enjoyed talking to you and seeing your work! Keep posting, Nick, and best of luck!

  4. Nick- I'm sure it was a hit with Katie.

    I don't bother creating art gifts for my wife as I don't think she "gets" my work!