Friday, June 18, 2010

Donate Art for Hospitals

Some hospitals are looking for donated child-friendly art to decorate.

I don't currently have much applicable, but Chuck and a few others do knockout work in this genre that I'm sure would be loved by lots of little kiddies. Thought everyone might like the opportunity to share some scrapped artwork and make some children smile...for free of course : )


  1. Thanks for the post, Oliver. I'll check into it!
    (That's another really informative site, BTW)

  2. I'd like to look into this, too!

    ...and I just poked around that site, and discovered Pete Oswald's work.... I think I just lost about an hour of my evening! Such awesome stuff out there :~)

  3. I love that site. I don't let myself visit it too often because it's almost impossible to only be there for 15 minutes. It's dangerously easy to just get lost in interviews, galleries, links, etc for an hour or more.

  4. That is a great site. I bookmarked it a while ago.