Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poe Progress....

Making progress!

He's turning out a bit creepy :~)

This is 5 solid hours of work. Whew! I need to work on the legs/shoes next.
Any ideas on how I can make him appear more Poe and less Hitler? :~/


  1. I'm sure you'll figure out the Hitler problem before I finish typing this, Paula, but here's a hint: it's all about the 'stashe, and size matters.

    Making good progress!

  2. I've tried so many 'staches on him..... and they all turn out so Hitler!
    I'll have to come back to it. :~)

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  5. Hitler and Chaplin are the only men in history to sport a tiny square moustache.
    You got Poe's right in your earliest sketches, and it shrunk a bit in your last one. The moustache has to extend to the corners of his mouth. like this:

    (okay, having a lot of trouble with hotlinks today)

  6. Very nice. This is really amazing, Paula. I think Chuck is right, 'stache just needs to be bigger, I think. Is there going to be anything on the pages he's holding.

  7. I agree-bigger moustache.
    Also, the shape of his head in your second sketch looks more like him. He had a bigger, rounded forehead. Perhaps making his eyes look more sunken and haunted would help too. Not sure how easy that would be in clay.

  8. Thanks for all the help! I'm planning on giving this Poe a serious facelift tonight. Funny how different it looks now that I've stepped away for a day!