Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nancy Wiley

Hey, Paula, here are some links to Nancy Wiley's work:

You can access her blog from there. Also, the book is NOT Cinderella but "Alice in Wonderland." It is featured on the front page of the main site. I hope this helps. It looks really interesting. I think Terry Windling and Wendy Froud made a book together that had a similar approach.

You'll have seen both Wendy and Brian's work in Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. They're an amazing team. Labyrinth actually features their baby, Toby. Wendy has some amazing doll making videos out there.

It was good meeting you at Dr. Sketchy's. Take care.

Note: This is for anyone else interested in some great artwork. Brian's approach is very interesting. He starts in one spot and spirals out from it until he has an image. Any videos you can find on youtube are worth watching. they're fascinating.


  1. Great links Justin. Also, check out the Red Nose Studio link on the side of the Cincinnati Illustrators page. Great stuff.

  2. Cool! (...hey wait, no hotlinks??!)

    I want to take that creature-creation class in CA offered on the Froud website!

  3. Amen to Red Nose (I was wondering how many in the group were aware of that) Chris Sickels has an amazing blog: the wine bottles, the Garbage Barge, etc, etc. If you like his blog, you have to buy the book. The inside dust jacket is printed with a "making-of" feature!

  4. Yeah, I would recommend that, Paula. I'm going to go to the Illustration Master Class next year. It should be great. Any exposure like that is good. I checked out your blog and sculpey stuff, you do some amazing work. It's clean and the textures are great. I particularly enjoyed the T-Rex. That was awesome.

    lol, no hotlinks :P Which is funny because I know how to do it. I just assumed that it would add the link if I inserted the urls, like email. But I guess we all know what happens when one assumes :P

    Great work. I'm glad you got something from the links. I'm a huge fan of Mr. Froud's work. I think you'd like Faerie Con. There are a TON of doll makers of all types there. I exchanged business cards with a bunch of artists when I was there. I'll put some of their websites up here for you. That was the best con I've ever been to, everyone was unbelievably nice and helpful. Wendy Froud was there and so was Toby (no longer a baby, but my age. That was weird, after only seeing him as a 1 year old in Labyrinth for so long :P). But no Brian :( OR Alan Lee. Their wives and children were there, but they weren't.

    Anyway, I'm glad that helped.

    And, I will check out Red Nose, guys. Thank you.