Wednesday, August 11, 2010

50 Best Illustration Blogs and a Little Art Thrown In

Recently, there have been some links on various illustration sites to a site featuring the 50 best illustration blogs. Since we were talking about favorite blogs and websites recently I thought I would post it:

There are some really good links like this one I had not seen before and it is really cool:

Below is a painting I did a couple years ago for a flag. I have not posted anything in a while and this is summery-makes me want a mint julip...

By the way, I plan to redo my website soon. Does anyone have any recommendations for good sites to look at for ideas?


  1. bookmarked that one. Following several but def need to check out a few more...thanks

  2. Thanks for posting, Christina!

    The banner's really nice. For my money, the best part is at the top where you get impressionistic with the light thru the trees —wonderful!

    The site you referenced on animation backgrounds is very nice, but I don't think anyone does this better than Hans Bacher, who designed for Disney films throughout the Eisner era. Hans has a very keen and discriminating eye, and nothing related to art and design seems to escape it. Best of all, he posts very hi-rez images (Just click on them once or twice to get the full size.)

    His blog is here:
    (He sorely needs a new masthead)
    Here's an interesting sample:

    (Sorry if this is already mentioned on that 50-site list)

  3. That IS nice. Thanks for the link. I am painting a lot of trees right now actually. Nice inspiration...