Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help with this Thrift Store find.

Howdy Folks,
I imagine that a lot of people wonder why I like to wander into thrift stores. Well this is the reason I found this wonderful ceramic figurine of an Asian female child in this boxing pose with pads on. There are no identifying marks except for the chinese characters at the bottom. Does anyone know where I might find someone who can read these characters?


  1. Nice find, Dave!
    Wish I could say I read and spoke Chinese —even Pinyin. Sadly, I'm monolingual. I may be able to find someone who can, tho.

  2. Thanks Chuck, I will keep checking too.The figurine goes well with my green tiled bathroom. It probably says something like, "Souvenir of Fukushima Prefecture".

  3. All I can tell you is that it's not Chinese OR Japanese. That's actually Korean script.

  4. That is so cool! I may know someone who can translate.

  5. Thx Erica!
    David came to the same conclusion. I think he found out that it's the name of the character in the sculpt. I would have suggested taking it to Riverside Korean and ask someone there (after ordering a nice helping of Doe Ji Bul Go Gi.)

  6. Thank you Chuck and Erica,
    Yes I asked a designer friend and he said that it was Korean and that she was practicing Taekwondo - he could tell by her padding. He said that he thought that the words were the name of the character.
    I like the idea of taking it to the Riverside Korean restaurant for further investigation. They have great food.

  7. David they also own the place that took over for Red in Hyde Park. Called Poca a Poca.

    Good food there too but it's tapas not Korean.