Sunday, August 29, 2010

Map of Lands Unknown

My brother side-tracked me with a request for a map for a Pathfinder game he wants to run for our group. I accepted the challenge, but was a bit dismayed by the fact that, since I'm going to be a player, I couldn't add in all the cool bits, like castles and place names. It's pretty much just an empty map (which he detailed for me beforehand in a rough outline/sketch) so he can fill it in later. My diabolical plan is to make my character a cartographer/wizard/scholar so I can have an excuse to make this "his map" so I can detail it as we discover things >:D muahhahahaahaaa! I had to do something noodly, so I added the neat little ship there in the water. This was also an excuse to try something, making the water a black/negative mass. I'd seen it done in a couple other maps and liked the effect. It makes the other white areas pop. I also had to leave out a lot of detail, which, I think, makes the land features battle with the ship since it's a white shape on a huge black shape, making it dominant by contrast. But that's what you have to do with these things. As the map becomes more detailed through exploration, the land-mass, itself, and its features, will become more dominant through the sheer amount of activity going on due to lettering and further drawing of towns and cities. It was a quick thing that satisfied my world-making urges :P, so I don't feel TOO too (he he, I said tu tu :P) bad about leaving all the noodly stuff out...


  1. You will be a cartographer yet... There are a lot of map oriented assignments for various publications. Have you ever done a map of an existing place?

  2. Thanks. And yes, but it was in a style similar to this.

  3. Very Nice! this is what I like to see.