Monday, August 9, 2010

Spot Illo's.

Well hello! Here are 4 of 6 spot illustrations I've just completed for Cleveland Magazine. It's for an article discussing private schools, and places where learning actually takes place.
This one is "The Great Outdoors."

"At School." I tried to keep these pretty simple, as they'll be printed somewhat small...

"Beyond Borders."

"In the Workplace."


  1. I love the palette of the great outdoors. It looks like everyone is working around the clock :)

  2. Very nice, Paula! —clean, simple, and appealing.
    (I know, it just looks simple, right?)

  3. Thanks guys! Yes.....I pulled an all-nighter last night, and am going to bed late again tonight. I've been a zombie at the Joe! Planning on relaxing tomorrow :~)

  4. Excellent, excellent work.

    I agree, it's always tough to decide where to draw the line when it comes to detail. When images are reduced and printed on newsprint a lot is lost.

  5. Really cool stuff, Paula! I especially like the 'Great Outdoors' illo. Nice work!