Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bat-tastic T-Shirts

I am going to be at the 4th Annual Indiana Bat Festival with my book Little Red Bat and did these shirt designs both for selling and to wear at signings (Books By the Banks, Blue Manatee, Bat Fest, etc.).

It is going to be a batty fall. HabitatSpy, the book I am finishing the illustratons for now, features a spread on caves with Mexican Freetail Bats so I get to illustrate quite the range... It will be out in spring 2011.

The next book children's book up is a biography with only *gasp* people in the paintings.


  1. Christina,
    How much of your time is dedicated to your children's books? (%-wise.)

    I've begun sketches for my 2nd, and we're still working on revisions on the 1st book. Do you always have a book or two going? I didn't realize how long this process can be! :~0

  2. These are really wonderful, Christina. It's really cool to see your style evolve. The texture on the bottom portion of the wings is really sharp.

  3. Thanks Justin!

    Paula, project loading is the part of being a freelancer that can be very challenging. Book projects tend to cover large time periods and by themselves are not enough to live on so I like to bolster them with small projects to keep cash flowing in (usually industrial design oriented).

    As far as percentage, this year it is pretty large-maybe 60%.

    The book process really depends on the publisher (like anything else). Sometimes there are a lot of changes and sometimes there are none. Everyone has a couple horror stories though :)

  4. They are beautiful. And when do we get to see Christina's bat tattoo?

  5. Ha ha! That is a good one :) I am way too big a wuss to endure a tattoo.