Thursday, August 19, 2010

New to the Blog- Hi!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Smith and I'm a graphic designer working in Cincinnati.

Recently I've been drawing a lot–though by a lot, I mean one or maybe two drawings a week. I am having an absolutely fantastic time and would love to share some drawings here. I've been following this blog for a while and have really enjoyed seeing all of the inspiring images and talent that is clearly abundant in Cincinnati.

So this is my hello and here are a couple of drawings to start. I've been enjoying working in pen & ink (India ink pens) and coloring the pieces in Photoshop. The graphic designer in me loves the manipulation freedom of a digital file. Hope you enjoy! –Stephanie Smith


  1. Welcome Stephanie,

    Those examples are really nice. I love the style of the tree trunks. Keep them coming and hopefully consider attending one of the weekly lunches.

  2. Hi Stephanie...nice work. Welcome.

  3. Thanks for posting! Hopefully the first of many :)

    I really like this technique and color my inks in photoshop a lot too.


  4. Welcome! :) Nice work! Hope you show up at lunches :)

  5. Welcome! This is a great place to post any kind of art you may be working on.... great critical eyes to bounce visual ideas. Don't be shy :~)

  6. Welcome, Stephanie!
    Keep 'em coming!