Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Sketches

Hey, guys, I've been kinda sporadic in my internet usage lately. I've also been short of funds, hence my lack of attendance at the meetings. I'll be coming back regularly soon. This is such a great community, you guys are all so awesome.

To fill you all in, since I've not been at the meetings much lately:

I have two jobs currently that are right in the direction I want to go in. A guy I met through the Celtic Myth Podshow, a writer, has been in regular correspondence with me over the past year and a half. We've been planning a dummy book and some images for a picture book that will precede a longer epic narrative. It's a more adult story that functions as a Childrens' Book, as well. The images here are some of the sketches I've done for character design. I'll only post a few since I don't want to give too much away :P

A woman called me out of the blue the other day offering me some work for a book she's working on, a fantasy. She lives in Texas and saw me from my website, which is the first job I've received from my website... AWESOME! :) It's a fantasy she's writing, which is excellent, and her message is one I very much believe in. She wants me to do some concept work for her. These are such great opportunities and they're coming at a really good time for me.

Hope you're all doing very well :)



  1. Nice work, & glad to hear it!
    You in Mariemont yet?

  2. Nice sketches. I am glad you are getting work that you love!

  3. Paula: Not yet. I'm working on it, though :) I can't wait to be surrounded by that architecture. It's so depressing going outside here. I find things to inspire me, but I'm thinking someday I'm going to end up in a Monet-like existence. But that's far away.

    Christina: Thank you, I appreciate it :)